Our ethos

We aim to provide all learners in the UK and Ireland, from primary school age to post graduates and beyond, with a range of affordable, educational and experiential opportunities. Although travel features in a lot of what we offer, education, skills development and life experiences are the main focus.

“Educational Travel with real impact, real value, real experiences.That’s us in a nutshell.”

Our history

The Real Experience Group, previously known as Kinlay Group, was acquired by its present owners in 2002. At the time, the group comprised of USIT, one of the most recognisable brands in the Irish travel industry, as well as an accommodation business comprising three Irish hostels, a hotel and a property business.

The property and accommodation businesses were sold during a strong property market and the funds invested to acquire Budget School & Group Tours. This was followed by the acquisition of The Travel Adventure. In 2016 these two businesses were merged to form COGO Travel which is now a leading secondary school tours business in both the Irish and UK markets.

Today The Real Experience Group includes not only Irish-based USIT and COGO Travel but also a growing number of brands based in the UK, all following a very similar ethos. i-to-i runs a series of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) courses and internships around the world and The English Studio is a leading English language school for foreign students studying in the UK and Ireland.

Going forward, The Real Experience Group is looking to further expand its brand portfolio by investing in business that offer more people real experiences to expand their horizons.

Our portfolio

Our focus on providing impactful learning and life experiences is reflected in our expanding range of brands: USIT, COGO Travel, i-to-i and The English Studio…    Read more…

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